Casa de los Botines

Location: León
Architect: Antoni Gaudí i Cornet

photo of Casa de los Botines by Antoni Gaudí i Cornet

While Gaudí was finishing the Palacio Episcopal de Astorga, his friend and patron, Eusebi Güell recommended him to build a house in the center of León. The owners of a company that bought fabrics from Güell, commissioned Gaudí to build a residential building with a warehouse. The house was completed in 1893.

With Casa de los Botines, the architect wanted to pay tribute to León's emblematic buildings. Therefore, he designed a building with a medieval air and numerous neo-Gothic characteristics. The building consists of four floors, a basement and an attic. Gaudí, chose an inclined roof and placed towers in the corners to reinforce the project's neo-Gothic feel. To ventilate and illuminate the basement, he created a moat around two of the façades, a strategy that he would repeat in the Sagrada Familia.

In 1929, the savings bank of León, Caja España, bought the building and adapted it to its needs, without altering Gaudí's original project.

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